but what is the average velocity of korra’s boob jiggle 



Imagine having sex with a girl and she turns into a legit monster
Do you continue fucking her or do you run away?

does the pussy stay human pussy or does it become monster pussy? will she kill me if my stroke weak? if the condom breaks, will i create an x men baby? do monsters get the clap? its levels to this shit and i need answers.

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The Legend of Frowning

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smoo told me to draw zutara week stuff so instead i drew some modern au gaang. sorry for my shitty handwriting.

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*sheds single tear* this took me much longer than it should have. Oh well, enjoy young Suyin “screenshot redraw meme”. 

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You think you’re the first person to believe their war was j u s t i f i e d ?

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i wanted to draw the old gaang but i didn’t know which outfits from which books to draw them in then i was like oh hang on

Stellar fan art based on Joaquim Dos Santos’ “Old Friends” poster.

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